Lesson Report Primary-1 March 1st

Hello class! This is Kumiko from MEL School.
It’s March 2, 2016.  

It's sunny today! 
Picture Dictionary
Topic 21(1)を学習しました。

This is Phonics
2 Unit 3 P37Chantを唄いました。
Good work everyone!
Up and Away Student Book Unit 28 in/out of/on/underの文を繰り返し練習し、発表しました。

Lesson Review
Picture Dictionary Topic 21
Sing the chant
Write new words in notebook
This is Phonics 2,    Sing P37, sing chant,  read words,  and practice. 
Divide class into 3 groups and play word game.
Memorize words and write on board.
Up and Away student book Unit 28 in/out of/ on /under.
Practice out loud and present

Have a great week!  
See you soon!


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