Lesson Report-Sr.2p-Mar.1st

1.Kikutan-4K  Day 41 The Red List
The ICUN Red List files/registers/publicizes all kinds of creatures that face danger of extinction.
=> Study at present, declining, function, persuade, every few years
=> Dic - decline  (vt) to refuse to do or accept sth politely  (vi) to grow smaller; diminish: demand has ~d over the years  - to slope or cause to slope downwards; go down, descend
- persuade  - to prevail upon successfully: he finally ~d them to buy it  
- to cause to believe; convince: Even with the evidence, the police were not ~d 
2.Read & Write-2   Unit 8 Stories  Writing: Write a Narrative
- Blog Revise narrative about a special event/incident you attended/took part in/were involved.=> Pair
Unit 9 Numbers
Preview the Unit: Listen to The Q-Classroom=> Dis [A] Do you like doing math or using numbers?
->[C] Math Trivia Quiz
- Blog Roman Numerals and Shapes
3.Inside Reading-2  Unit 2 The Business of Branding  Reading-2 Product Placement
- Read Par.2 aloud-> Study the words and expressions: product placement, symbolize, revenue, subsidize => Task-1 Write Paragraph-2 を日本語100語程度で要約しなさい。
=> ☆ Pair Tell the Summary in Japanese in 90 sec. w/o the writing.

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